Samantha & Grant

Samantha & Grant’s wedding is a beautiful medley of simplicity & elegance. I love how this set worked so well to bring in that pop of colour compared to a more white & light table setting. She used her stationery well to become a feature, rather than just blending. We used the Bongi Florals set, but made the flowers to display bigger than the template to create more of an impact.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Striped Fox Photography | OFF-THE-SHELF CODE: 102 Bongi Florals

Rachel & Siya Kolisi

How I love bragging about this wedding. Absolutely loved doing the designs for Springbok rugby captain, Siya Kolisi’s wedding. This was the first time I got the chance to work with Lavender Creations. And it was the beginning of a great partnership! This wedding was quite the challenge, as all the stationery had to be done in less than 2 weeks, and the guests and numbers kept changing as the rugby players can’t really rsvp too long in advance. It was a challenge, but Oh Yay loved every second of it. Who wouldn’t want to do everything they can to make sure this lovely couple, Rachel & Siya Kolisi, has the perfect day?

PHOTOGRAPHER: Justin Davis Photography  |  CO-ORDINATION: Lavender Creations  |  OFF-THE-SHELF CODE: 087 Kolisi

Melissa & Dietmar

This is one of my dear friends, Melissa. I was so thrilled when she asked me to do her stationery (and be her bridesmaid). She is a creative person herself, so it was so much fun brainstorming with her for ideas. She absolutely loves Harry Potter, so we wanted to bring in the theme without being too corny, and still have a bit of elegance. I would say we got it right?! Loved how everything turned out.

PHOTOGRAPHER: Hello Rademan  | OFF-THE-SHELF CODE:  097 Harry Potter

Seanne & Quintin

Oh how I how Seanne & Quintin used our floral set. It went so well with their organic look & feel of their wedding reception. Love when a bride connects with an off-the-shelf set and it helps complete the look of their wedding!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Kusjka du Plessis  |  OFF-THE-SHELF CODE: 069: floral 01

Eclectic Earth wedding

Get swept away in the earthy beauty of mother nature, in a celebration filled with geode and crystal wedding ideas. A garland of rose quartz and other geodes, accompanied by wood foraged in the forest and moss created an overall look of mystique and magic. “We focused on pastel pinks and purples to offset the bright and deep greens of the forest landscape,” says Erin, who styled the geode and crystal wedding ideas, and table decor. Naturally the whimsical forest seemed like the perfect place, mirroring these magical qualities. We selected a beautiful location in Constantia, lush and full of blooming flowers and plants, which added to the otherworldly look and feel.

SERVICE PROVIDERS: Photographer: Lauren Pretorius | Coordination & Styling: Happinest Weddings | Bouquet: Bouwer Flowers | MUAH: Marnel Toerien | Dress: Janita Toerien | Stationery: Oh Yay | Jewelry: Cavaletti

FEATURED ON: Confetti Daydreams

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