Clarita Smit

If you ever meet Clarita Smit, you would know she is one of the sweetest people. What you might not know is that she loves shiny, pretty things and is a perfectionist in everything that she does, and she needed a logo to reflect that. I wanted to create a corporate identity that felt professional, yet pretty and approachable. Oh Yay has created a logo, business cards, price lists, vouchers, certificates, consent forms and a whole lot more.

Nova Mint

I am always so happy when previous clients contact me again for more work. That means I must have done something right. Carla is an accountant that wanted to start her own company. She loves stationery, so I knew I had to make sure this logo is something she would want to (and can) put on everything. The concept of this is her helping small business with their accounting work so they can grow, therefore I wanted to incorporate the leaves.

Phoenix Feathers

Phoenix Feathers was a company that sold feather hair extensions. Naturally the logo had to portray the feel of being free and beautiful, therefore I incorporated the phoenix bird and the text to flow out of the bird icon, to create the logo. Oh Yay designed the logo as well as her business cards

Lu’Vaan Skin & Beauty

Lu’Vaan Skin & Beauty is a beauty salon based in Cape Town. The owner really wanted to rebrand the salon with a simple, yet beautiful & timeless logo to reflect her professionalism. Oh Yay created the logo, price-lists, vouchers and business cards.


Latique is a beauty salon based in Windhoek. The client had a very specific example of what she wanted, so that’s what we gave her. We created a logo for her as well as a price list to use in the salon

Blush by Amoré

The design brief for this brand was to create something that will have personality, be approachable, but also something different. The client was so happy with the outcome and Oh Yay was even happier, because seeing people relate to the designs I create for them is the ultimate reward!