Below are the Standard Terms and Conditions as well as other relevant information applicable to clients who wish to use services by Oh Yay!

1. Payment/Deposit

  • All orders will only be actioned once a deposit has been received by Oh Yay. (50% deposit for jobs requiring design & production, 100% deposit for jobs requiring design only, 100% for jobs only requiring production or shop items)
  • The balance of the amount due will be payable when design is approved before production can start.
  • In cases where there is just design & no production, payment to be made in full before design process can start.
  • Once a deposit is paid for an order the order can still be amended before work commences, however it can’t be amended to be less than the original deposit fee. If the amended order works out less than the original deposit fee, the remaining balance will be forfeited

2. Process

A minimum of 6 weeks are required for the design & production of the client’s stationery but this may vary according to how quickly the client responds to emails requiring changes or approval and how busy Oh Yay is when the job is booked in. More time might be required for items with a lot of post production work (like laser-cutting etc)

To confirm your booking, Oh Yay will need all relevant information for your design as well as a 50% deposit. You will receive a digital proof of your design in about 2 weeks from the date Oh Yay confirmed your booking.

You then have the chance to have a look at the design and give your feedback, so Oh Yay can do any necessary changes. Your invoice includes two sets of changes. Additional changes may be charged for.

Please note: Design timings can depend on how busy it is & how quickly you give feedback.
If you have very tight deadlines, please discuss it with Oh Yay to see if it’s possible to accommodate you.

The design will be booked in for production once Oh Yay has final approval and received proof of payment for the remaining balance. Production usually takes about two weeks , depending on the amount of post production required. Extra production finishes, such as laser-cutting, may take longer.

3. Quotes include (per design):

  • The design based on look & feel discussed at meeting or over email
  • 2 sets of small changes (this does not include a complete re-design unless otherwise agreed by Oh Yay)
  • Any additional changes will be R150 per change

4. Property

Artwork remains Oh Yay’s property to use as Oh Yay pleases unless otherwise agreed. All designs/artwork are only to be used for the purpose it is intended for, and may not be used to include on any other artwork done by another designer or anyone else, unless client got a written agreement from Oh Yay.

5. Excusable Delays

Oh Yay shall not be held liable or deemed in default if prevented from performing any of Seller’s obligations under this Agreement, including but not limited to making delivery of the Products, occasioned by reason of fire, flood, drought, acts of God, war, riot, strikes, lockouts, delay in transportation, embargo, governmental orders which in any way interfere with the purchase or manufacture or flow of the necessary material or products required to manufacture or fabricate the Products, or by acts or omissions of Client, including but not limited to, Buyer’s failure to promptly comply with the terms of payment (collectively, the “Excusable Delays”). The date of delivery shall be extended for a period equal to the time lost by reason of any of the Excusable Delays.

6. Cancellation

  • Should any order be cancelled before production started, the deposit paid upfront will be considered liquidated damages and will be non-refundable.
  • Should any order be cancelled after production started, the full amount paid will be considered liquidated damages and will be non-refundable.
  • In the event of Oh Yay being required to take legal action to cover any outstanding payments, the client shall be liable for costs on the scale as between attorney and client.
  • Any outstanding fees (as mentioned above) has to be paid in full within 7 days of invoicing. If the invoice is still outstanding after 7 days an interest rate of 6.5% per month may apply.

7. Collection & Delivery

The client is responsible for the collection of finished stationery items. If a client can not collect, a courier service can be arranged by Oh Yay (with courier services of Oh Yay’s choice). Client will be responsible for the extra fees for Courier service and Oh Yay can not be held liable for any delays caused by the courier service. The courier service is separate from Oh Yay, and is something Oh Yay does to accommodate the client, but is not offered as a service from Oh Yay itself, therefore Oh Yay can not be held liable if anything should happen to the parcel once the parcel leaves the Oh Yay premises. If anything should happen to a parcel while being couriered, Oh Yay will gladly help to try and restore or help fix the problem, however this will be at the client’s own cost. Courier is booked on regular delivery, so the delivery time depends on the location the parcel is being delivered to (general areas are usually delivered within 1-3 working days). If a parcel needs to be delivered in a rush, a client should request overnight-delivery option which might incur extra costs.

If a client can not collect their own order and sends someone else, it is the client’s responsibility to make sure that the person coming to fetch the order knows what they are collecting to make sure everything that is collected is in good standing. A collection form has to be signed to acknowledge that once stationery has been collected and damages occur off Oh Yay premises, Oh Yay cannot be held liable.

If an order has not been collected for 3 weeks after Oh Yay has notified the client via email, Oh Yay has the right to discard the items unless agreed otherwise. If the client then wants to collect after those 3 weeks and the items has been discarded, Oh Yay will gladly reprint the order at the client’s own cost.

8. Breach

Should either party fail to comply with any one or more terms and conditions of this agreement, the aggrieved parties or its agent shall be entitled to give the parties in breach 7 days to remedy such breach. In the event of either party failing to comply with such notice, the aggrieved party shall, in addition to any other rights it may have in Law, be entitled to cancel the contract and seek damages, alternatively seek specific performance and claim damages for any loss suffered.

9. Proof/Errors

A final design will be emailed to you for final approval before printing. Once Oh Yay has an email confirming your approval of the proof, Oh Yay accepts that as a confirmation that the design and wording of the card is as you require it. After acceptance any reprint will be for Client’s cost.

10. Refunds/Exchanges

Due to the nature of the business where all items are personalised to suit a clients requirements and work on a booking system, all sales are final. No refunds or exchanges.

11. Non-variation

No variation of the Terms and Conditions shall be of any force or effect unless reduced to writing and signed by both parties.

12. Printing / Colour

As all stationery is printed on a digital press, printing may have slight colour variations between each piece and will vary to what you see on a computer screens.

13. Proof

Oh Yay can put together a printed proof for colour proofing before producing all items for an extra fee of R50 per item – however, this is only for proofing colour and not to change any designs on the stationery item itself. There is no warranty in respect of colour or paper texture other than the colour and paper texture will be the same (keeping point 12 in mind)  as the sample accepted in terms of the proof.

14. Availability

All orders are subject to availability of product. Should the product not be available, the value of that item will be refunded.

15. Shop

All items are made to order, so no refunds. Shop items are also subject to availability of materials. There is a flat rate for delivery based on general areas, however this amount may change should the courier costs for that specific area cost more. The client will be liable for the extra delivery costs, should this be the case.